"Friendships bred out of blood and steel are bonds never to be broken — even in the most trying of times."

Our professional staff treats each of our students as we would our own partners. Earning your respect and confidence is half the battle.

We pride ourselves in providing each of our students with the skills and confidence necessary to be victorious and survive an armed encounter.

Military and Police Advisory Group (MPAG) was formed as a result of professionals coming together to provide realistic, up to date, and comprehensive training for those engaged in the business of saving lives everyday, or for those who are portraying these heroes.

Go to Training PageIf you are searching for a training group who cares whether you go home at the end of your shift, or tour of duty your search is over.

Whether you’re a veteran or a rookie we
have training suited to every skill level.


We make all of our training as realistic as possible. We believe in the theory "you fight as you train". Our experienced staff can assist you in making equipment and weapons purchases. We are active law enforcement range masters and officers, and have the experience necessary to make valid suggestions where to spend the all important budget dollars and where to save them.

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